What is AWS Cognito? User And Identity Pool Explained

AWS Cognito provides functionalities that include sign-up, sign-in, and other authorization control for web and mobile applications, without having to write programs and manage them in the backend. Moreover, it offers solutions to have access control over AWS services through the application.

It is necessary to verify two things in order to control access via authentication and authorization: the user’s identity and their authorization to use the app or website. In order for organizations to keep their networks and protected resources safe from malicious users, both factors are essential.

AWS Cognito Authentication

App users have two sign-in options: they can federate with a third-party identity provider (IDP) or sign in directly through a user pool. The user pool controls the administrative burden associated with handling the tokens returned through OpenID Connect (OIDC) and SAML IdPs, as well as social sign-in via Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple.

The application receives user pool tokens from Amazon Cognito following a successful authentication. Access to the server-side resources or the Amazon API Gateway can be provided to the users using the tokens.

AWS Cognito User Pool

A user pool is a user directory in AWS Cognito. Using the user pool, users can sign in to the web or mobile applications via AWS Cognito. Additionally, users can log in using SAML identity providers as well as social identity providers like Google, Facebook, Amazon, or Apple. All users in the user pool have a directory profile that you can access using a Software Development Kit, regardless of whether they sign in directly or through a third party (SDK).

Amazon Cognito issues JSON web tokens (JWT) after a user’s authentication is successful, which you may use to secure and authorize access to your own APIs.

Amazon Cognito offers token management through the Amazon Cognito user pools Identity SDKs for JavaScript, Android, and iOS.



AWS Cognito Identity Pool

We can establish distinct identities for users and federate them with identity providers using Amazon Cognito identity pools. Users can get temporary, limited-privilege AWS credentials using an identity pool to access other AWS services.

AWS Cognito identity pool supports public identity providers such as facebook, Google, Apple and amazon. In addition to soical identity providers, AWS cognito user pool, open ID connect providers, and SAML identity providers are supported as well.

AWS Cognito Sync

With Amazon Cognito Sync, It is possible to sync user data associated with applications across devices. Without utilising any backend code, Amazon Cognito Sync can synchronise user profile data between mobile devices and the web. In order for your app to read and write data independent of the state of the device’s connectivity, the client libraries locally cache data.

Users can sync data when the device is connected to the internet. They may instantly alert other devices that an update is available by setting up push sync.

Features of AWS Cognito:

  • Enhanced security
  • Multi device authentication
  • Guest and social media logins(third party logins)
  • MFA AND pasword polices(multi factor authentication)
  • Aditional layer of security using MFA


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