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Quicksight is a widely used business intelligence tool for creating different data visualisations and providing actionable insights. For business intelligence organisations, data analysis is recognised as a powerful tool. Quicksight can extract data from any database, including Oracle and Amazon Web Services. This interactive data visualisation tool allows users to perform data blending and real-time collaboration. It is also used by academic researchers, businesses, and government organisations for visual data analysis.


Topic Outline:

  • Course Introduction
  • Data Analysis lifecycle and Quicksight role in the data analysis world
  • Introduction to Quicksight tool
  • Features and Functionalities of Quicksight
  • Connection to an Excel data sheet to create our first graph
  • Create multiple graphs based on the data and requirements of the scenarios
  • Create a dashboard with multiple graphs/reports
  • Do analytical operations and calculations to simulate data analysis work environment
  • Perform all the above operations with the trainer during the session
  • Connect to a couple more data sources during the session

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